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Ethical consultants for print, publishing and packaging in India, Nepal and Bangladesh since 1979. Our consulting and business services include new projects, plant design, technical and social audits and environment as well production workflow and quality improvements. New consulting and business services include digital projects, due diligence, merger, acquisition and investment and India entry programs. Best practices, color management, G7 and print export consulting. Other consulting services include industrial communication services in India with associates in the US and the UK.

ippStar will bring forward the consultancy experience of Indian Printer and Publisher and that of its individual employees to offer project and operational support on an institutional basis. Our ethical consultancy experience since 1979, is perhaps the longest of any organisation in the South Asian printing and publishing industry. Former clients include Thomson Press, Delhi Press, Malayala Manorama, Business India group, International Print-O-Pac, a European manufacturer of digital equipment and a publisher in Nepal. Our clients also include a large international non-profit public welfare organisation for projects in both India and Bangladesh.

The new company plans to offer consultancy in the areas of standardisation, quality control and benchmarking and assistance with ISO certifications. It also plans to offer project consultancy for new plants and ongoing modernisation of existing industries. Special thrust areas will be packaging projects, prepress and software asset rationalisation and colour management services.

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