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About IPP Star

Building the Graphics Arts Community

Ipp Services, Training and Research Private Limited (IppStar) is a part of the IPP Group, which publishes two trade magazines, namely Indian Printer and Publisher and Packaging South Asia and two B2B platforms www.indifoodbev.com and www.healthtekpak.com. Founded in 2001, it is a leading knowledge management company, which is committed to support the Indian printing, packaging and publishing industries. IppStar specializes in offering holistic research, training and education solutions to remove the bottlenecks hindering the growth of the printing, publishing, and packaging industries.


We want IppStar to help create awareness in the print, packaging and publishing industries of needs that are beyond the everyday commercial focus of businesses. We think that the middle and long-term focus needs to be on how to continually improve the human resource and its skill sets, quality standards and industry data. It is our mission to get the industry to collectively support us in our efforts to help it achieve these goals.


The vision of IppStar was that the core print and publishing industries must act collectively to do some of the necessary and positive things that would create self-belief in themselves and motivate the next generation to take the industry forward. Without healthy and well-managed change, development and growth, there is no hope of motivating the next generation of printers and publishers.

Our vision is to become one of the institutions that works with the industry to not only solve day-to-day technical and business challenges but also to anticipate change and leverage it in the healthiest way – particularly to provide some of the services and tools that the next generation of print professionals and entrepreneurs demand.


Nurturing and empowering the printing, publishing and packaging community by providing above and beyond the average level of knowledge management solutions.

What sets us apart from others?

  • We are the only knowledge management company addressing the problems of the graphic arts community in India.
  • We are working relentlessly to create a better working environment for people directly or indirectly associated with the graphics arts community.
  • We are dedicated to create an environment for learning and growth.
  • Our more than four decades of experience in the Indian print industry has helped us in sympathetically understanding the intricacies and complexity of the graphic arts community.
  • We are working towards the integration of the printing, publishing and packaging industries that are highly fragmented and comprehensive in nature.

What we do?

The printing, publishing and packaging industries are contending with issues, such as quality, training, productivity and technical upgradation. They are struggling with the basic issues of cost and quality. These issues are both closely linked with the dynamic changes taking place in technology. Statistics say that a third of the businesses operating in these sectors face extinction unless they realign their technology and working to new developments. The challenge is off course whether the industry has become mature enough to come together to build and support an institution such as ours, cooperatively.

We provide an array of knowledge management solutions to the graphic arts community:

  • Research
  • Training & Education
  • Conferences
  • Consultancy
  • Indian Print Export Forum
  • Other Professional Services
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