IPP3 - Pre-press conference - 1996

Get ready for the 3rd PrePress Conference in November

As YOU WILL SEE FROM articles and advertisements in this issue there are many technology and marketing events that are being organised for our industry in and around the subcontinent. The fore- most among these is IPEX Asia at Singapore at end October and then there is our own 3rd IPP PrePress Conference in Bangalore on November 28, 29 and 30.

The preparations for the Conference are under full swing and it will be held at the Holiday Inn which has international standard conference facilities that will allow us to comfortably divide the main conference hall for two simultaneous sessions. Participants can join the smaller and more specific session which is more pertinent to their work. For instance, on the second day we hope to split off the packaging sessions from the ses- sions on Indian language editorial software. This year there will be de- tailed presentations on FM screening, digital proofing, digital cameras, and the digital distribution of advertisements. Among the speakers who have already confirmed are Christopher Herbst of Linotype-Hell, Paul Foster of HyWay Ferranti, and Johan Micheals of Barco Graphics. The core faculty will feature Burjor Poonawal- la of Comart Litho, GS Mani of Deltatec Solutions, Sunil Khullar of Summit, G Ramesh of Microland, and PV Manohar of Agfa. We also hope to attract a few more star speakers and participate from important publish- ing vendors such as Polaroid, Apple, ScanView and Scitex. However, this year there will be an increase in the number of presentations made by users. Mr K M Rajan of Process Color, Cochin will speak about his pioneer- ing implementation of FM screening as will others about the practical prob- lems of integrating and upgrading PostScript friendly peripherals and Macs in a commercial process house. As in the previous conferences we expect vigorous discussion of the latest scanners and issues such as digital proofing.

Alongside the conference there will be a small exposition of 10 to 20 stalls. Among other demonstrations we hope that all the South Asian language and script software will be shown running and issues of standardization and interchange will be discussed. Come and share your experiences and your queries with the most knowledgeable and creative pre- press practitioners in South Asia.

That time of the year again…

TRACKING THE GROWTH OF AN Industry that’s clocking a rate of 17 to 20 annually can be hard work. At IPP, where we receive information on the industry from all over the world, and in turn keep in touch with them, the task sometimes seems over- whelming. From the fall in international paper prices and its repercus- sions in India to the opening world of digital imaging we try to give – you the Indian industry perspective on it all. So that as an industrialist, entrepreneur, professional or student you can be in touch with the latest developments and views and leave the door open to exciting opportunities.

Over the last two years, we have developed a special package for the industry, one that I believe meets international standards. The 1st IPP Pre- press Conference and Exposition in November ’94 was held in Delhi fol- lowed by the second one in November ’95 in Bombay. Our list of speak- ers included internationally prominent professionals who could impart crucial insights into technology and the industry. Technologists who have been written about, professionals who were changing the way the industry used to function, even twenty-five years ago. We hosted about 250 participants; people armed with questions, answers and often, insight born from solid hands-on experience.

The IPP Prepress conferences are evolving as a meeting and talking point for an industry that needs to keep pace with rapidly developing technology to exploit the inherent opportunities of such a situation. It is a useful get together for the Indian printing, packaging, graphic arts, pre- press and publishing industry to share their experiences, views and solutions and to network.

It’s time now for us to get ready for event this year. We are going south for it, straight to the software capital of the country. Yes, Bangalore it is and as they say, Cheers to that. We are booked at the Holiday Inn. Duly en- couraged by the last two years, we are extending the event into a three-day one. You will find the details on the speakers, topics, and registration in our full-page announcement elsewhere in this issue. As you will note, there are also twenty exposition stalls that will be available. You need to book them very soon if you are interested.

Let me urge you to hurry. Peo- ple are calling in to enquire, to book, to confirm. We’ll soon be all booked up. To make sure you don’t get left out, call us now. See you in Bangalore.

Fairs and conferences

FROM JULY TO THE FOLLOWING February, the season of conferences and fairs is on. July and August saw both the Apple Develop- er’s Seminar in Delhi, and the Apple Yatra which in fact went to 20 cities around the country. Ipex Asia is the next big fair, scheduled for October 17 to 20 in Singapore.

And of course, IPP3, the third annual prepress conference is going to be held 28 to 30th November 1996 at the Holiday Inn at Bangalore. This get-together for the subcontinents’ techies is going well. Many speakers have confirmed early this year; the program has been more or less finalized and is included in the printed brochure that must have reached most of you.

From January 9 to 12, 1997, the third Mudrika exhibition will be held at Nehru Centre in Mumbai. The previous two exhibitions by this private and professional organisation were held in Pune.

Then from 7-13 February 1997 two printing exhibitions will be held simultaneously in Bangalore. We had hoped that IPAMA and the AIFMP would be able to come to some kind of compromise but although the dates for the two affairs are now coinciding, the exhibitions will be held in paral- lel at two different sites. Some of the bigger companies with large stakes will participate fully at one and nominally at the other but naturally not as wholeheartedly as they would have liked to. After all, everyone with a stake in the industry wants to see its expensive fair events growing with some cumulative meaning and direction.

Our mistake

Sir, This has reference to your June 1996 issue where you had published details about various scanners. In the summary portion on page 46-47, you have wrongly mentioned vendors as M/s Kohli Graphics for ICG 330i, 350i and 3551 range of Drum Scanners. Please note that Monotype India Ltd has distributorship for India from India ICG (Itek Colour Graphic),U.K. We request you to correct this mistake. PV Dongoankar, Regional Sales Manager- Monotype India Ltd, New Delhi

We apologize for the error. The paragraph listing Monotype’s name was inadvertently deleted from the scanner comparison table and by mistake “as above” was inserted. Monotype India Ltd is a distributor of ICG vertical drum scanners and KGS is not. Their address in Bangalore is 27th Cross Banashankari II Stage, Bangalore-70. Tel: 080-640125, 640319. Fax: 080-663 4022.

Sign up for the 3rd IPP PrePress Conference and Expo

As you are perhaps aware the IPP PrePress Conference & Expo is held in India, every year in November. This year we are meeting at the Holiday Inn, Bangalore on November 28, 29 and 30th. This venue gives us flexibility of operation in a conferencing facility of international standard.

Started in 1994, the Conference was a response to a long-felt need in the prepress industry: that of a serious technical forum to discuss problems and issues in the rapidly changing industry. This platform enables us to get together with the South Asian hands-on engineers and technicians who integrate these systems and make digital prepress work on a day to day basis and share the experience of the people who try out new ideas first!

Well, like all good things, we are growing. This time around, at the 3rd Conference & Expo, we look forward to hosting about 300 delegates and some 15 to 20 exhibitors.

We have also extended the event to three days for a more comprehensive coverage and to encourage one-on-one discussions. In an event designed to be totally participatory, we have gone beyond the lecture format to a more interactive one. Some of the sessions run in parallel, so more areas of special interest are covered.

While the programme is still being finalized, the speakers will include Christopher Herbst of Linotype-Hell, Paul Foster of HyWay Ferranti, Johan Michiels of Barco Graphics, Freddy Poonawalla of Comart Litho, PV Manohar of Agfa, GS Mani of Indian Express, YK Bhardwaj of Yabasu Graphics, TG Ramesh of Microland, and speakers from Scitex, Ohio Engravers, and Gretag. We are also hopeful of attracting speakers and participants from a wide range of prepress companies and users including Malayala Manorama, Deccan Herald, The Times of India, Associated Press, Scanview, and Polaroid. The proceedings of the conference will be published in Indian Printer and Publisher.

At the expo we hope to demonstrate South Asian languages and script packages from all vendors. We also expect a comprehensive response from digital camera and digital proofing vendors. This year we will also organize four clinics for participants to have a brief consultation with a panel of experts which will include at least one experienced user on scanners, imagesetters, digital cameras and packaging.

Send in your registration form now along with a bank draft/banker’s cheque covering your registration fees of Rupees 4000 for the three days. The fees include participation in the conference, lunch, and tea and coffee, and entrance to the expo as well as appointments with the expert clinics on scanners, imagesetters, digital cameras and packaging. The fees also include the conference kit and a copy of the proceedings.

See you in Bangalore. Cheers!

Get ready, get registered!! iPP3

IPP3, THE THIRD ANNUAL PREPRESS CONFERENCE IS AN extremely important platform to build, to support and to participate in. The conferences began in Delhi in November 1994, and the second conference was held in Bombay in November 1995, It is critical that we have a regular South Asian forum of a high standard to discuss and sort out our own and international technical issues that affect us with regard to the digital imaging and pre- press areas of our printing, publishing and packaging industries.

Let us face it, where can we send our engineers and technicians to keep up with something as new as PostScript Level 3 which was announced on September 15? How many South Asians are able to attend the Seybold Conference in September in America, or the IFRA conference in Europe in October? Can South Asian publishers and commercial and packaging prepress businesses afford not to know about the Internet, about the digital transmission of photographs, or digital cameras? Are we planning to master technologies such as hi-fi printing and FM screen- ing from magazine articles and sales brochures? Is there nothing which needs to be shared or discussed among our industries? And don’t we realize that the pathbreakers, the technologists who spend time and energy in understand- ing and perfecting their expertise in these areas, want to share their experience? Do our industry owners think that they can develop and retain good technicians and engineers without a culture of sharing and recognition? Aculture of being expected to articulate, explain, justify, and make difficult technical decisions?

This forum is not going to be easy to build. It will be a while before the industry actually supports local experts to study and research technical issues in an industrial environment. But we must create the platform and show the need to have a core of well-informed practicing experts so that technology is more than novelty and can be quick- ly debated, acquired and absorbed, or rejected if it is a fad. We are naturally hoping that our Prepress conference will come to play a role in this effort as our industries mature.

The preparations for IPP3 are going fairly well in spite of a crowded international calendar and the busy season in industry as well. Early registrations include, George Ja- cob of Malayala Manorama, and participants from JB Ad- vani Inks, Deccan Herald and many more. The South is show- ing especially strong interest with participants registered from Pondicherry, Ooty and Hyderabad. There have been registrations from the north as well. We are also hoping for participants from Nepal and Bangladesh this time. The expo is also doing well with commitments from Yabasu, Graphsoft, Apple, Polaroid, Scitex, and Associated Press- UNI. Associated Press-UNI are hoping to show in their stall a live feed of digital pictures from a satellite using a 10 foot dish on the premises.

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