Digital Subscription Survey of Indian and South Asian news media


IppStar launches paywall and digital subscription survey

IppStar, the leading organization for detailed primary research of the Indian publishing, printing and packaging industry, has initiated a quick snapshot survey of digital subscriptions of South Asian newspapers, magazines and news platforms. While seminars, conferences and webinars on digital subscriptions are all the rage, it seems that South Asia is lagging behind on the monetization of digital content.

Purva Dwivedi, analyst at IppStar asks, “Where are we on this critical subject in South Asia? While publishers keep saying that they have to produce content that is worth paying for, what is holding them back from building paywalls? And, we are keen to share the initial results of the few who have put up paywalls, and kept them up.” A snapshot of the results will be published in our platforms including our print monthly Indian Printer & Publisher.

You can fill out the Paywall survey online by simply click here or by writing to Purva Dwivedi at


  1. Although a few newspapers like The Business Standard have a paywall, very few Indian dailies do. Moreover, although it is imperative to monetize their digital editions, most Indian newspapers do not want to talk publicly or on the record about what they are themselves thinking on this important subject. The general thinking seems to be to build traffic and rely on revenue from Facebook and Google rather put up quality content that readers are willing to pay for.


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