Label industry in India – A multi-client project

Label industry in India – A multi-client project
Label industry in India – A multi-client project
  • Status of production and consumption of labels for past five years till 2019 and growth
    forecast for five years to 2024
    (Data collection will be for financial years from 1 April to 31 March with data and trends
    adapted to calendar years)
    (Label segments, demand segments, trends and changes such from wet-glue to ps and
    ps to IML)
  • Footprint of label presses of major types or levels of manufacturing with speed, quality
    and parameters – narrow web flexo, narrow web hybrid, narrow web offset, narrow web
  • Trend forecasts for various types of label presses, changes in number of units, add-ons,
  • Consumption and forecasts for label stock
  • Consumption and forecasts for label imagers and plates (both flexo and offset) and
  • Consumption and forecasts for inline and offline tooling for die-cutting and embossing
  • Consumption of anilox rollers
  • Consumption and forecasts for inline foiling
  • Consumption for inline converting and tooling
  • Consumption and forecasts for digital enhancements including holograms
  • Consumption and forecasts for inks, chemicals and coatings
  • Consumption and forecasts for finishing machines – slitter rewinders with and without
    inspection systems and other finishing equipment
  • Digital enhancement and laser cutting trends
  • Automation trends in registration and closed loop color and inspection systems
  • Brand owner and product trends including smart labels and track and trace labels
  • Trends in active and intelligent labels and packaging

Methodology –

IppStar interviews of label convertors and expert informants and other
ancillary input suppliers. Analysis will also use the existing research assets of IppStar.
Focus group discussions in Mumbai, Sivakasi, Bangalore and Delhi. Inputs from research
sponsors. Government import and export data.

Time Frame –

15 December 2019 to 15 May 2020 for research finalization and report
Interim presentation by 15 February 2020 for sponsors.
Contact: Purva Dwivedi Cell: +91 96540 75442
Contact: Shweta Dimri Cell: +91 78010 15476


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