The BeyondPlastic Gold Awards

Gold Award

The Beyond Plastic 2020 Awards for the Gold Category

Category – Most Practical Impact on our goal to reduce the use of plastics

Unpack Less, Peel More by Elena Amato, Ponto Biodesign, Brazil

Category – Most Innovative Approach

The Item Bag 2.0: Packaging That Dissolves! by Jack Cleary and the Wastebased Team, United Kingdom

Category – Most Beautiful Solution

Shell Homage – Bio Material Out of Egg & Nut Shells by Rania Elkalla, Germany

Category – Best Initiative in Education / Journalism / Campaigning

There was a head-to-head race in this Category, so we decided to award the Gold Prize twice:

Choose the Reusable Cup by Sabina Maksimova, Ilian Iliev & Evgenia Tasheva, Bulgaria

U-Retain by John Emmanuel Kachakwale & Beatrice Phiri, Zambia

Thank you and congratulations to everyone participating in the 2020 BEYONDPLASTIC Award contributing to a world with less plastic.

The 2020 BEYONDPLASTIC AWARD winners are announced!

Celebrating excellence in eco-responsible design & initiatives across the world –

The global online platform for eco-designed solutions BEYONDPLASTIC.NET announces the winners of the 2020 BEYONDPLASTIC AWARD. The Award’s motto is: Let us design and create eco-responsible products and solutions and transform single-use plastic products into solutions made of environmentally sound materials!

The Award honors the innovation and creativity in sustainable design in four categories: I. Most practical impact to reduce the use of plastics, II. The most innovative approach, III. Most beautiful solution and IV. Best Initiative in Education / Journalism / Campaigning. For each category, there is a Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award with trophies and cash prizes of more than 7,000 Euros in total.

The Award is directed towards students, designers, engineers, makers, creators, inventors, artists: Everyone who has an idea, concept, project, prototype or even a solution already in the market which supports less single-use plastic is welcome to take part. It can either be an entry that replaces an existing environmentally non-responsible product/package or it can be a completely new solution. The entries are judged and selected by an expert jury panel.

For details about the Award Winners, please go to

Please have a look in the Showcase section for details.

BEYONDPLASTIC.NET is a global initiative dedicated to reducing the use of single-use plastic products in order to decrease plastic pollution which is littering landmass, entering water streams, and presenting an increased risk to human and environmental health worldwide. It was launched in 2019 as a politically and commercially independent online platform for environmentalists, packaging designers & engineers, and companies to present and exchange ideas, concepts and products of eco-responsible solutions replacing plastic packages. It is initiated by Ulrich Krzyminski – entrepreneur, engineer & inventor – who has an industry insight in the printing & packaging industry. Motto: Let us work together for a world with less plastic!


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