Sacmi takes 100% ownership of Iprel

Boosting firepower in digitalization and automation

Sacmi Group now enjoys 100% ownership of company specializing in the design and development of digital services for industrial supervision and automation. President of Sacmi Imola SC, Paolo Mongardi says, “SACMI continues to invest in services for digital innovation, the keystone of the future.” Photo - Sacmi

Italy headquartered Sacmi has now gained a 100% controlling interest in Iprel, a company specializing in hardware and software design and supervision system development. As part of a broader Group-oriented logic, this operation (approved at the Sacmi Imola Shareholders’ Meeting) aims to strengthen the Group’s ability to develop and deliver digital design and industrial automation services.

Founded in 1919, Sacmi is an international manufacturer of machines and complete plants for the ceramic tile, beverage, packaging, quality control process, chocolate processing machines, and plastics industries. Sacmi is a group based in Imola, Italy, and has branches across the globe, including India.

With 120 highly qualified technicians, Iprel has, in recent years, gained in strategic importance in terms of both the service it provides to all Sacmi Group Divisions and business units, and the solutions it develops for third-party customers (also in collaboration with laboratories, universities, and research institutions). Hence the decision to raise Sacmi’s parent company’s share in Iprel from 50% to the current 100% will further enhance the ability to supply such services both within the Group and outside it.

Automation and digitalization

“Automation and digitalization,” observes the President of Sacmi Imola, Paolo Mongardi, “are vital in today’s world. In a smart manufacturing scenario founded on sustainability and efficiency, they are essential to the development of new products and services. This full takeover of Iprel, in fact, follows that logic perfectly by carrying forward an already-begun plan and boosting Sacmi’s firepower in these areas.”

Sacmi states that the year 2019 saw Iprel proceed apace on several development fronts, the leading projects concerning advanced big data analysis systems, research into supply chain system technologies, and the development of automatic image capture platforms quality control purposes. In a non-Group context, instead, the company developed advanced sensors for biomedical applications.

According to the press release, Iprel will continue to operate as part of the Sacmi “innovation package,” promoting the development of advanced digital innovation services in both the company and the wider world. This year’s goals further include the strengthening and consolidation of partnerships, especially in the big data field, to set up new pilot projects for all the Group businesses.


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