Jagran Prakashan’s Q1-20 sales Rs 191.09 crore – down 67.3%

Dainik Jagran is India’s most read daily
Dainik Jagran in Hindii is one of the highest circulated daily newspaper in the world

Jagran Prakashan’s consolidated Q1 2020 (April, May, June) numbers are down 67.3% from the Q1 of 2019 figures of Rs 584.28 crore. The quarterly net loss at Rs. 39.57 crore in June 2020 is down 161.47% from Rs. 64.36 crore in June 2019. The EBITDA stands negative at Rs. 20.82 crore in June 2020, down 114.35% from Rs. 145.10 crore in June 2019.

Jagran Prakashan is the publisher of the leading Hindi daily Dainik Jagran from more than 45 centers across India and several other dailies and other publications. It is also the owner of several other allied media and communication businesses.

Jagran Prakashan’s standalone figures for Q1 2020 show net sales at Rs 174.46 crore, down 64.31% from Q1 of 2019 in which net sales were Rs. 488.78 crore. The standalone quarterly net loss is Rs. 19.27 crore in Q1 2020, down 132.42% from Rs 59.45 crore in the June Q1 quarter of 2019. The EBITDA is negative or -Rs. 2.31 crore for the June 2020 quarter, down 102% from the profitable Q1 2019, which reported a positive Rs. 59.45 crore.

Jagran Prakashan shares closed at 38.35 on July 31, 2020 (NSE), and have given -43.81% returns over the last six months and -54.32% over 12 months. Interestingly, for newsprint consumption watchers, is the reported consumption of raw materials at Rs. 59.72 crore in comparison to the consumption in Q1 2019, which was reported as Rs. 175.64 crores. This represents a decrease in raw material consumption (which we presume is largely newsprint but would also likely include offset plates and ink) of 65.99%.


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