ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor publishes its report on Indian Ed-Tech industry

Parents seek a hybrid model of education for their children

Indian Ed-Tech student doing eLearning. photo Brooking Institutions

ZEE5, India’s largest home-grown video streaming platform and multilingual storyteller for multiple entertainment seekers, launched the first report from its knowledge series ‘ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor’ on the Indian EdTech Industry revealing the latest and emerging trends dominating both metro and non-metro parents with regards to their expectations and behavior surrounding online education and Ed-Tech apps.

A first-of-its-kind offering, ‘ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor’ seeks to uncover transformative consumer behavior, attitudes, and aspirations across multiple industries ranging from EdTech to online gaming to eCommerce, presenting an unmatched opportunity to advertisers to access a hyper-enriched predisposed audience cohort across multiple demographics and geographies.

In a bid to identify the key growth drivers for the Indian EdTech industry from a marketer’s and an advertiser’s perspective, the report unveils the new-normal with regards to the consumption patterns and a firm progression to a Hybrid learning environment.

Key Insights from the ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor – Ed-Tech Report –

•  50% of parents want to adopt eLearning permanently for their children.

•  46% of parents adopted eLearning during lockdown for their kids.

•  47% of parents believe that eLearning has amplified their children’s academic progress.

•  63% of parents view eLearning as an investment in their child’s future and state that price is no longer the barrier when it comes to choosing online learning.

•  Around 40% of parents stated Internet connectivity to be the biggest barrier in online learning.

•  50% of parents believe eLearning has come of age and will become a permanent part of education.

Launching the report, Rajiv Bakshi, chief operations officer – Revenue, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited, said, “ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor knowledge series will offer the tenets, roadmap and insights on the most exciting and emerging product categories in India, ranging from Ed-Tech, online gaming to eCommerce and cryptocurrency. The Ed-Tech report is the first in the ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor series and highlights the disruption witnessed in the Indian education sector, fuelled by tech solutions, convenience and a new-age mindset. We are confident that the report would benefit brand custodians and product leaders and provide new information and insights for them to make advertising and business decisions.”


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