Apex International acquires Keller Dorian and Panhuizen

Sets foot in embossing industry

Apex International acquires Keller Dorian and Panhuizen
Apex International, headquartered in Hapert, The Netherlands, is a manufacturer of anilox, metering, and embossing rolls in the world.

Apex International, a global provider of anilox, glue set, and metering solutions, has acquired Keller Dorian and Panhuizen, pushing forward with its goal of being a single source embossing supplier with with cutting-edge technology and innovation, the company announced.

Embossing company Keller Dorian has been serving customers since 1872 and is now combining its heritage and technology with Apex’s history in anilox roller manufacturing.

The company feels that uniting the expertise of Keller Dorian and Panhuizen with Apex will bring their embossing technology, already used by over a thousand loyal customers, to the next level on a global scale. With this new acquisition, Apex can offer embossing customers an improved laser system, providing designs with greater form, clarity, and ability to carry out new innovative techniques. Apex International is now able to also offer an end-to-end service to customers who previously would have had to work with several suppliers to carry out the necessary various embossing techniques.

“Apex has for years recognized the global demand for a single source supplier that can offer all the different embossing technologies under one roof,” says Apex chairman, Ken Ralton. “This acquisition gives us more opportunities to offer innovation, technology, and value to embossing clients from around the world.” Having identified the global demand for Keller Dorian and Panhuizen’s products, Apex has invested over $20 million in the past 18 months as it works to meet the demand and continues to be a leader in embossing technology.

Keller Dorian and Panhuizen will now fall under the Apex Embossing name. Both companies’ award-winning graphic design centers are known globally for their top-of-the-line products, and seek to combine their embossing craftsmen with Apex’s laser research and development. Embossing has traditionally been used across all industries, including construction, fashion, and paper products, but as the technology continues to develop, Apex sees unlimited possibilities for growing the reach of this versatile technology.

Apex International, headquartered in Hapert, The Netherlands, is a manufacturer of anilox, metering and embossing rolls in the world. The company serves over 11,000 customers in all markets (corrugated, narrow-web, wide-web, offset, embossing, rotary screens and coating applications) on a global scale. Apex operates seven production facilities worldwide, providing a local presence for customers and a global network to serve multi-location businesses and multi-national corporations.


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