FFS – The Future of Polymer Packaging webinar 20 July 2023 

Packaging South Asia and IppStar webinar at 3 pm next Thursday!


The trade monthly Packaging South Asia and its research and conference organization IppStar have put together an interesting webinar that is aimed at presenting advanced, structured, and cost-effective solutions for bulk products on the afternoon of 20 July 2023.

The 90-minute webinar is purposeful in that it tackles a particular set of opportunities presented by products for both domestic and export trade requiring heavy-duty packaging. The webinar at 3 pm Indian Standard Time next Thursday 20 July brings together experts from the raw material, technology, and consumer side to look at structured packaging and logistical solutions for an important group of products.

The speakers include experts who are experienced in providing technology solutions for projects in India, Asia, and globally. The conversations and discussion will cover the trends that point to the requirement of heavy-duty packaging solutions, and the equipment, technology, and raw materials needed to produce these. In addition, there will be valuable inputs from experts on the logistics side and converting side who are familiar with the supply chain requirements and who have experience working for manufacturers and logistics companies that require these types of solutions.

The webinar brings together a unique group of expert speakers who have expertise in their domains and have a strong record of working together to execute these types of projects. The name of the game is cutting-edge and purposeful technology inputs and collaboratively putting together packaging solutions that work efficiently across the supply chain. The event is presented in collaboration with the Indian Plastics Institute, Aventus, ExxonMobil, Haver and Boecker, and Windmoelller and Holscher. There are limited seats for this invitation-only event and participants are encouraged to register as early as they can for the event.


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