Indian Print Newsmedia Recovery Project

IppStar's mini-survey of the Indian print news media's condition

The results published in our March 2023 issue

Dear newspaper owner/publisher/senior executive,

Indian Printer and Publisher together with its research organization IppStar conducted a mini-survey of the recovery of Indian print news media industry of a dozen news groups over the past five financial years in February 2023. The results published in our March 2023 issue can be seen here (Five-year financial results).

March 2023 Indian Printer and Publisher
March 2023 Indian Printer and Publisher

In our current and ongoing work we have expanded this to 36 newspaper groups and to the past 9 years including the financial results of FY 2021-22 for 31 groups and up to FY 2022-23 for the five publicly listed groups that have recently become available. Our analysis will be published in the September issue of Indian Printer and Publisher and distributed at the forthcoming Wan-Ifra India Conference in Kochi.

To add value to our analysis, we would like your organization to answer the following brief questions that relate primarily to newspaper production. Here is the link to the survey which will automatically reach us

If you can complete this questionnaire and send it to us by 14 August we would be grateful. Your information will not individually be made public but it will form part of our analysis and your organization will only be referred to as part of a group or trend.

In case you would like to talk to us, please let us set up a phone conversation.

Kind regards,
Purva Dwivedi


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