3SC gets US$ 4 million from GEF Capital

Accelerates global growth trajectory 

3SC accelerates global Growth trajectory with boost from GEF Capital. Photo- ET Insights

Gurugram-based SS Supply Chain Solutions (3SC) has announced fundraising of an additional US$ 4 million from existing investor GEF Capital’s South Asia Growth Fund. This fundraising marks a significant boost to the innovative supply chain technology service provider and aims to enhance the multi-fold growth in the AI-based Software as a Service (SaaS) business. The SaaS offering is focused on Europe and the US as primary markets, the company said in a statement.

This investment’s goal is to fuel the company’s growth trajectory and strategic expansion plans. The funds will primarily be allocated towards enhancing AI/technology capabilities and scaling operations to meet increasing market demand. A major portion of the investment is geared towards product and technology development along with global market expansion.

While the company works to fortify and exponentially grow the SaaS platform and ensure it meets evolving user needs, 3SC’s Supply Chain Execution and Logistics Business Unit, primarily operating in India, will continue to expand strongly leveraging technology-led service offerings, with a strong profitability profile. This strategic approach underscores its focus on ensuring strong financial performance and operational excellence as this business unit provides a strong foundation for long-term success.

Sarita Das, Co-Founder of 3SC said “This funding is a significant step in our journey and we aim to amplify our operations in the global markets, particularly in enhancing our SaaS offerings. The investment will accelerate our growth trajectory and strengthen our offerings while driving greater value for our clients and stakeholders. At 3SC we strive to be the best in our field and dominate the market.”

Founded in 2012 by Lalit and Sarita Das, 3SC provides supply chain solutions, catering to a diverse array of industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, industrials, FMCD, FMCG, and e-commerce. The company’s execution solutions and proprietary technology stack, developed using advanced analytics and AI & ML tools, help in orchestrating complex supply chains while driving compelling ROIs for its diverse customer base in India, Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East, and the US. 3SC serves over 75 global clients and boasts a strong team of engineers and data scientists.

Raj Pai, managing partner at GEF Capital stated, “At GEF Capital, we’re pleased to further support 3SC’s journey. This investment is an outcome of our confidence in the company’s leadership and innovative solutions. We believe in 3SC’s potential to make a meaningful impact in the industry, and we’re committed to assisting their growth and expansion efforts.”

This funding round follows an earlier Series B round, where 3SC secured $15 million from GEF Capital’s South Asia Fund, with continued support from GEF Capital, 3SC endeavors to further consolidate its market position and bolster its capabilities in supply chain management SaaS and Analytics offerings. The company offers a comprehensive suite of tech-enabled end-to-end supply chain solutions leveraging AI/ML, analytics, and digital technologies encompassing supply chain planning, risk mitigation, decarbonization, distribution, control tower, and 4PL services.


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