G7 Expert Aniket Rane to offer color management and training consultancy

Aniket Rane with the new Konica Minolta 6501 at Maximus in Lower Parel

One of the first G7 Experts trained and certified in India, for the past several years Aniket Rane has quality controlled and supplied offset and digital print work for his commercial and packaging customers from the Maximus office in Shah & Nahar industrial estate in Lower Parel in Mumbai. Over the years Rane has worked in the areas of photography, prepress, color management and standardization. He took part in the various demonstrations and trainings conducted by G7 Expert Steve Smiley in both Delhi and Mumbai for the G7 method of standardizing and optimizing color in offset and digital printing. Rane also participated in the 5-day Certificate training conducted by Smiley and IppStar in Mumbai in September 2016 and of all the 25 candidates achieved G7 Expert certification score on the first try.

As the first Indian G7 Expert trained and certified recently, Aniket Rane has done some good work with G7 calibration and standardization for printers in Mumbai and Chennai but the demand for professional training and standardization which he can provide is not strong. Printers attend seminars but are reluctant to implement even when local professional consulting services are available. In the meanwhile, Rane was keen to widen and deepen his company’s print work while still hoping for the demand for professional color management and standardization to pick up.

In early 2018, Maximus purchased and installed its first press – a digital Konica Minolta C2060. Apart from the Konica Minolta spectrometer, Maximus also bought an X-Rite spectro. With these tools it has been able to fine-tune and standardize the digital press to a high level across the substrates that it prints on for a variety of work from brochures and calendars to CD covers and packaging. Apart from improving the efficiency of its own operations, Rane feels that the use of  color management technology on the Konica Minolta 6501 will greatly benefit his print customers in terms of quality and repeatability. When required, the process in place will also be able to quickly and closely match the digital and offset versions of the same project.

Rane continues to work as a color management consultant to printers and converters around the country using the G7 calibration and standardization methods. IppStar is pleased to support his work in every way and to help present his services to the industry. To contact Aniket Rane please email him at aniket@maximusgraphicarts.in or call him at +91 99670 74444. Alternately please contact Shweta Dimri at marketing2@ippgroup.in .


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